35% Increase in Student Enrollment for Ivory Music Academy,

We Can Do It for Your Business Too.

In less than 6 months, our online ads delivered results, bringing in 35% more students each month compared to the previous period. This happened at our client's brand-new location in Richmond Hill, Ontario, and we're excited to share how it all came together.



For every dollar invested in digital marketing, our client earned $4.70.

0%Increase in admissions

In just 6 months, our efforts delivered, bringing in 35% more admissions for our client each month.

Scope Of Work

Google Ads

Facebook Ads

Landing page Design

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How did we aquire this client in the first place?

Ivory music school is led by top musicians with decades of experience in music education, and they've been sharing the joy of music with generations of students.

However, they approached us when they needed assistance with their digital marketing efforts for their newly opened location in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Getting to Know the Music Education Scene

We wanted to know our competition and what people were searching for when it came to music lessons.

  • Extensive research was conducted to gain insights into the local music education market.
  • A thorough analysis of competitor's advertising strategies and keywords was performed.

Soon, we realized that the main competition is a cash-rich startup that matches tutors with students for private lessons.
Of course, that doesn't mean we can't outcompete them in the market that our client operates in.

Keyword Research

Next, we crafted a comprehensive keyword list and organized the keywords into single-topic ad groups (STAGs).
For each topic group, we generated different ad copy variations, such as 'piano lessons for children' and 'piano lessons for adults'.

We also used dynamic keyword insertion feature in Google Ads to make sure that our ad copy appeared as relevant as possible to the search query.

Dynamic keyword insertion is a handy feature for increasing CTR. Advertisers can set this up by including a placeholder like {Keyword: Rest of Ad Copy} in their ad, and Google will replace it with the actual keyword that was searched for when the ad is displayed.

Audience Targeting

Google Search Ads provides us with the opportunity to target audiences based on demographics, interests, and behaviors.
We took advantage of this feature by creating audience lists based on our client's existing customers and prospects, allowing us to target them with personalized ad copy.

Crafting Ads That Sing

Google Ads:
We got creative with our Google Ads copy. We made sure our ads stood out by talking about our client fantastic instructors, their experience and flexible schedules.
We also used ad assets (extensions). Call and location assets, among other ad assets were employed to provide additional information and increase click through rate (CTR)

Meta Ads:
In the case of Facebook and Instagram ads, we went with visual storytelling. We showcased the school with eye-catching images and videos of music classes and student performances.
We used Meta's audience targeting to reach local residents interested in music education.
Both image and video ads were deployed to capture the audience's attention.

Continuous Optimization

We didn't just set it and forget it. Daily monitoring of ad campaign performance was performed. An smarter ad copy here and a more optimized bid there.

  • Bidding strategies were constantly monitored and adjusted.
  • A/B testing was implemented to refine ad copy and landing page design.
  • Negative keywords were continuously added to minimize irrelevant clicks.

We wanted to know what was working and what wasn't. So, conversion tracking and analytics tools such as Google analytics and Microsoft Clarity were implemented to measure website sign-ups for trial lessons and inquiries.
We also kept track of the phone calls via a phone tracking software.

Google Maps Ads

We optimized our client's Google ads to be displayed on Google Maps as well. Google Maps ads work by displaying ads to users when they search for places or navigate on Google Maps. These ads can include information about local businesses, directions, and clickable links to drive engagement and visits.

Google Maps ads can be very powerful for businesses with physical locations. Imagine when our client appears at the top of search results among dozens of other schools when a potential student searches for 'music school near me'.


In just half a year, Ivory Music Adademy saw a remarkable 35% increase in student enrollment compared to the previous year. Plus, our efforts in optimizing the advertising budget resulted in a significant 30% boost in return on investment.